Understanding SafeTmind's AI Credit Pricing System

Created on 10 December, 2023 | Documentation | 690 views | 1 minutes read

A basic overview on SafeTmind's AI Credit Pricing System

Welcome to the forefront of AI-powered conversations. With SafeTmind's innovative credit system based on AI tokens, our clients enjoy clarity and precision in utilizing our services. Here’s an in-depth look at how every chat interaction is adeptly calculated to ensure value and performance.

AI Tokens in Conversations

  • Each message in a chat conversation equates to tokens or credits within our system.
  • As the conversation progresses, every new message results in the whole conversation being analyzed by the model—leading to comprehensive AI engagement, where more extended dialogues naturally use more credits.

Conversation Length and Credit Consumption

  • The longer a conversation continues, the more material there is for the AI to consider, and therefore, the more credits are utilized.
  • This is an important consideration for our clients as it highlights the need for efficient interactions tailored to their use cases.

Model Selection and Credit Use

  • Choosing the right AI model for your needs is crucial. Advanced models, such as GPT-4 or the Anthropic Claude-2, while more sophisticated, consume much more credits compared to more basic models.
  • Although they are more costly, these premier models provide unparalleled quality and depth in responses, making them ideal for complex task requirements.

Here is a detailed comparison of how much SafeTmind credits each AI model will use:

AI Speech to Text: 0.9 Credits per minute.

Online Search: 0.5 Credits per search.

Document GPT: 0.7 Credits per query.

Cost-Efficiency Strategies

  • To optimize credit usage, managing the length of conversations and anticipating the complexity required from the AI is pivotal.
  • Users can strategically plan interactions to maximize our AI's capabilities without unnecessary expenditure.

The SafeTmind Advantage

  • Our system offers the flexibility to choose from various models, including top-tier AI technologies, ensuring that our clients have access to cutting-edge responses for their diverse needs.
  • We balance the cost with the quality of AI responses, ensuring our clients receive the best possible return on their investment with SafeTmind.
Updated on 8 January, 2024